Friday, September 22, 2006


Havnt felt so crapy in a while... Been sleeping a lot this week, however didnt get enuf sleep yesterday... and to add to that a 5 mile run yesterday and a strenuous basketball class for hour and a half 2day...And i feel zapped... feels like I have been in the desert for the last week( not that i know how it feels)....
To add to my misery my experiment failed once again.. however looking at the brighter side of my day, can go back home and play PS2... and ofcourse get tonsa sleep:)...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Being Carefree

One alwyas crib about the stage of life he/she is in.. Its very rare, that you don feel like you were doing better yesterday/ hope of doing better tommorow. Living in the past, dreaming about the future. Why is it so hard to appreciate the present, and live it there. I started writting this blog as a means to explain the comments left by abishek in my previous blog, but now i am way off topic.
Anyways introspection, i feel is important for anybody to lead a good life. Yes, we were all brought up ina way where we were taught to perform good deeds, and be truthful and correct. But, seldom one realizes the mistakes we do in everyday life, from not obeying a traffic sign to bribing the cop, to a ticket we puyrchase off the counter..Are these all the correct things.... these are petty issues, but there are bigger things in life which definetely calls for introspection..It can only make you grow into a better person.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Exercising and rest

I always associate exercising every day to a good healthy lifestyle. But, with exercise we need to rest well also. Hence, balancing out exercising and rest and work has been a major setback for me.. Somehow I have been working out real hard and hardly working.... Feels wrong... Donno if i can come up witha good solution......

Friday, September 08, 2006

My music is more entertaining

My work sucks, as i am having the worst series of experiments. Today seems like much accomplished day, since i have been working from 8 in the morning. I look back at all the work done for teh day and nothing can add to my resume, or nothing i hav edone is beneficial to me. Had a clas, emeting for futre research, when the current research is already frustrating enuough., and then had an experiment whcih seemed to bve going good till the last few steps, and it failed. If only I have the energy to pursuade, i can try one more. But I think i will call it quits, Friday evening, and after 4 hrs of frustration.
Well, hoping to have a good day at the party scene atleast...lets see