Friday, September 08, 2006

My music is more entertaining

My work sucks, as i am having the worst series of experiments. Today seems like much accomplished day, since i have been working from 8 in the morning. I look back at all the work done for teh day and nothing can add to my resume, or nothing i hav edone is beneficial to me. Had a clas, emeting for futre research, when the current research is already frustrating enuough., and then had an experiment whcih seemed to bve going good till the last few steps, and it failed. If only I have the energy to pursuade, i can try one more. But I think i will call it quits, Friday evening, and after 4 hrs of frustration.
Well, hoping to have a good day at the party scene atleast...lets see

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Arvind M Venugopal said...

hey dude... chill out... easier said than done agreed, but keep it going... am sure good things will come in the near future... stay positive!!!