Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Work and life seems like two different things... Its not like I do not enjoy my work, but, life is always better when you are home and not working. Most of us would agree...Atleast my friends would. Its a cycle, more you work to live ur life better. But, the more you work, less is the time you have to live your life. Its not like, most people do what they love to do..

Monday, December 12, 2005


People have different thoughts and way of thinking them through. Some of them think in a practical sense, and some are Idealistic. Is there a specific way to think beforeyou put things into actions?
I have tons of arguments and heathy fights with my friends, and they always end up saying that I have a very idealistic approach and it is impossible that I will lead my life like that. Is it actually so hard to be an idealist?
Face it, practical approach is something which is designed so that you can have things easier as thats the usual way. In an evoving society,where some of them change for good and some are for bad, is it not the idealist which makes the things correct ..

is it always hard to be an idealist in your thoughts and actions....Some of the arguments makes me question on if it is actually practiacl to be an idealist...